Maj Gen Abid Latif Khan HI(M)

Director General ASF

Major General Abid Latif Khan, HI(M)

Being a professional and specialized force, ASF is
committed to deliver Aviation Security Operations at all civil airports of
Pakistan by timely evolving security strategies commensurate with national and
international security requirements. The task of bringing up team of highly trained
and professional personnel decorated with finest blend of patriotism and
loyalty is highly challenging. It is possible through collective efforts ensued with meritorious
and transparent selection process. To induct fresh, premium and spirited
manpower, ASF is making utmost efforts to recruit the real essence of young lot
that can be missioned with sensitive and demanding task of aviation security as
per ICAO standards and National Aviation Policy. So, join us and be a part of Force
recognized with firmness for execution of its mandate and courteous to deliver
the best output.